January 11, 2012
5 Feminist Demands She Wants You to Ignore-- Fox News

This is so utterly disgusting, I’m just going to leave it here for someone else to be disgusted by. Fucking Fox News.


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    Seriously -_-
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    I agree with you, Lauren. While I’ll admit to liking the idea of occasionally being treated like an old-fashioned lady,...
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    Fuck you, Fox News. FUCK YOU.
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    Sometimes I like to pretend that Fox News is secretly a masterpiece satire and right now somewhere all of their workers...
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    This is. Legit. The greatest thing I have ever read. And here I used to think that women couldn’t expect chivalry AND...
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    Wow. Excuse me while I go rage in a corner for a while at the fact that people still think this way.
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    How the hell do they justify saying that we don’t want to think? That we want our “man” to do the thinking for us? Did...
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    Ughh, that’s the only word for this.
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    “While the notion of the sexy feminist isn’t completely false, you need to be aware of those pesky feminist demands that...
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    I feel so FUCKING ANGRY RIGHT NOW!!!!! How long have women been fighting to get out of these stupid stereotypes, only to...
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    FUCK FOX NEWS! This article is disgusting. Nevermind the ridiculous picture they chose for this article. This is a joke...
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    What did I just read. Is this - is this real? I… I have no words.
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    What is this I don’t even. Also worst boob job ever as the photo? hilarious.
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